Stop Smoking with Auriculotherapy
You already know why you should stop smoking. Now there's a safe, effective and painless way to achieve your goal! Download this document for details.
New Patient Paperwork
If you are coming into our office for your first visit or haven't been seen here for more than 2 years, and would prefer to get the paperwork out of the way, you can fill out the patient information online by going to the ChiroTouch Patient Intake page, or you may download these forms, print them out, complete them and bring them with you to your appointment. Any questions please give us a call at (978) 345 - 1224.
Symptom Survey
The symptom survey is a valuable tool that we use to help assess a person's nutritional state in regards to possible nutritional deficiencies. Please download and complete the form and bring it in or fax it to us at (978) 345 - 1418 for a complimentary assessment.
Catalyn - The original whole food multivitamin (affordable at only $12 per month) TRY IT
If you are one of the 80% of Americans who do not consume the recommended 5+ daily servings of fruit and vegetables, you owe it to yourself to read this. Catalyn is a whole food supplement which is an excellent source of all the vitamins and trace minerals your body needs to be healthy. Being a whole food supplement means it is made from complete natural organic vegetables, not synthetic or fractionated vitamin products which unfortunately nearly every other multivitamin is made of. Download the attached informational sheet on Catalyn and learn some of the reasons why this product is so important, different and superior to the other 99% multivitamins on the market.
High Fructose Corn Syrup - Office Handout
Office informational handout on high fructose corn syrup.
Testimonial Questionnaire
Would you like to share your chiropractic experience? Download and complete this Testimonial questionnaire, then bring it in (or email it) so we can include it in our Patient Testimonials book!

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