What we offer
We advocate total health here in the office. A healthy chiropractic lifestyle includes eating well, moving well and thinking well. We offer direction and support in each of these areas.

Subluxation Station
Our office has a subluxation station that is used as a surface EMG to measure muscle tension and tightness as well as a variety of other information. The Doctor utilizes this as a part of the examination process on your very first visit.
Stabilization Balls
We utitlize the fitballs in the office to assist the patients with a variety of exercises that support a healthy spine, good posture, balance and they are fun to use!
Therapy Room
In this room we have a few different pieces of equipment to stretch and exercise that is intoduced as part of the treatment plan for some patients. Your spine is irreplaceable,so we focus on maintaining and strengthening it to reduce the probability of further damage or degeneration. All exercises are given on a case by case basis and designed for each patient individually.
Wholefood Nutritional Supplements
We all know that in todays world the foods we eat aren't a chock full of the vitamins and nutrients they once were. Seeing as how we are focused on total health the Doctor may make a recommendation of a multivitamin or additional supplements to support your recovery or immune system. Remember to inquire about all that is offered!
In Office Digital X-Rays
For added efficiency and convenience we offer in house digital x-rays.

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