Sometimes it can be reassuring to hear about the experience of others. Here is a quick sample of some of our patients experiences they wanted to share.

I came to see Dr. Cormier at the age of 50 after suffering since the age of about 18 with chronic headaches. Besides spending most of my adult life using over the counter pain medications several times a week, I had seen two different neurologists and tried various prescription medications as well as stress reduction techniques, such as yoga, to try to get my headaches under control. I had also tried chiropractic several years earlier without achieving any satisfactory or lasting relief from the pain. By the time I had decided to give chiropractic another try, the Excedrin I had relied on for relief for so many years had completely stopped having any effect and I had been suffering from headaches on pretty much a daily basis for a period of about three months. I was debating on whether it was time to resort to yet another trial of prescription pain medication. I was somewhat pessimistic, yet desperate to try something, so I made an appointment with Dr. Cormier. After just the first couple of visits to Dr. Cormier, I began to experience a reduction of my headaches and I actually left the office during those initial visits with a sense of overall well-being, which was almost hard to describe. Within a few weeks I began to experience a dramatic decrease in the frequency and intensity of my headaches. I have enjoyed an improvement in my overall physical health and functioning for about eight months now. In spite of so many years of using over the counter medication, I am someone who has always had a strong aversion to dependence on medications as long-term solutions. The improvement I have been able to achieve and maintain through chiropractic treatment has allowed me to drastically reduce my use of medications for headaches. An added benefit has been that, now that I am feeling better, I am able to follow a much more regular exercise regimen, which in effect has helped me to avoid the use of cholesterol and blood pressure lowering medications as well. I am feeling better than I have in years! I strongly recommend that anyone suffering from chronic headaches give chiropractic treatment a try.
- Karen A.
My pain started as a sore left shoulder and it progressed into both shoulders, my neck, my upperback, arms, wrists and fingers. When I found Dr. Cormier I was in so much pain I could barely sign my name. Driving was excruciating, I couldn't sit to watch a movie and I would leave work in tears because of the searing pain in my hands from working on a computer all day. I tried everything. I saw my MD, a physical therapist, acupuntcure and finally a massage therapist recommended Dr. Cormier. After 6 months of treatment , a combination of neck traction and spinal adjustments, and I have experienced TREMEDOUS results! I just had the best summer. I was able to move my arms enough so I could swim. I can watch movies, play with my nieces and read books. I couldn't do any of those things last summer. The constant pain and suffering that I was experiencing is gone and I can enjoy the simplest things again! I am so grateful to Dr. Cormier and his staff for the help, compassion and support they have given me and I highly recommend their services.
- Sue
Dr. Cormier is so considerate, kind and understanding. I know first hand he will gladly help you get free from your pain, he has been helping me for several years and it has been a blessing not to have to have another back surgery. His staff is very courteous and I am very proud to tell my friends and family he is #1!
- Joanne
Megan was 10 years old when her parents were informed she had a non-infected fluid in both of her ears and suggested placing tubes in her ears. They brought her in for a consultation and treatment. After just two adjustments Megan returned to the MD for a follow up appointment and he advised the fluid was no longer in her ears and that she would no longer need the surgery.
- Megan
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